Our pragmatic, distinctive and proven expertise is dedicated to helping you.

Commitment, trust, high standards

Driven by the conviction that a more sustainable and less polluting real estate is not only desirable but also possible and sustainable, Benjamin MERCURIALI created AEGILIM in 2019 to provide you with the qualified human resources, technological tools and methods necessary for an ideal support in your transition.

What sets AEGILIM apart from other energy and environmental engineering service companies is...

  • Its pragmatic approach

    The right solution meets the actual and effective requirements of our clients in the service sector, at the right price, and is therefore not necessarily the latest trend

  • Its expertise

    AEGILIM combines real estate expertise (development, asset and property management, structuring) with proven experience in sustainable real estate

  • Its agility

    Our teams carry out projects from start to finish or only on certain phases according to our clients’ requirements

  • Its integration

    For over ten years, we have been active in the sustainable real estate ecosystem (maintenance companies, property, asset, managers, engineering offices, PropTech suppliers)


  • Benjamin Mercuriali


  • Maxime Capron

    Energy Management Manager

  • Firas Sifaoui

    Energy Manager

  • Laure Ott

    PR & Communication Consultant

AEGILIM helps you maximize the potential of your assets over time with three key objectives

1. Enabling you to quickly obtain a reliable energy reporting and initial means of action with rapidly profitable outcomes.

2. Providing you with a tailor made assistance in the management of your assets and suggesting you an improvement curve fitted to your implementation potential

3. Integrating our skills in your progressive digitization process with a strong expertise aligned with your business' goals

Our guidelines are human and environmental commitments.

  • People, the cornerstone of AEGILIM

    • Within our teams, we promote their personalities, skills and desires in addition to their resumes
    • We value the fact that each individual recognizes his or her own mistakes or those of the group, and promote improvement through collective intelligence
    • We provide our colleagues with the opportunity for ongoing training on topics of their own interest
    • Last but not least, we strive to share individual skills and knowledge horizontally and vertically for the benefit of everyone
  • Exemplarity, guarantee of sustainability

    • We sort our waste and monitor our energy consumption
    • We minimize our trips and embrace transportation methods that are true to us (walking, cycling, public transportation, electric vehicles)
    • We promote remote working and contribute to the well-being of our colleagues and customers, by limiting the associated costs and workload
    • Outdoor spaces are an important part of our premises and access to our largest used areas is highly appreciated