Let's work together to develop the energy and environmental strategy best suited for your assets and challenges.

Strategic consulting, blueprints, training programs

We fully understand your property management issues, as well as those induced by your assets’ energy efficiency, so we can work together to develop the strategy best suited to your requirements, your resources and your ambitions.

Customer benefits

  • Source of value add
  • Time saving
  • Expert outside view
  • Organizational flexibility
  • Levelling up your team in sustainable development
  • Anticipating your challenges
  • Strategic consulting and commitment support

  • Outsourcing part of your sustainable development department

  • Specific training sessions adapted to your requirements

    • Training sessions provided by professional experts on the French Décret Tertiaire, the BACS Decree, the energy purchasing, sustainable development promotion…
    • Setting up training sessions adapted to the needs of your teams and their stakeholders

Let's develop together the energy monitoring solution best suited to your actual requirements.

Energy monitoring system selection, setup, and analysis

We will advise you on the best available energy monitoring solutions. After reviewing your specific actual requirements, we will submit and justify the most appropriate solution for you, to be implemented and maintained.

Customer benefits

  • Enhanced extra-financial reporting, improved ratings
  • Achieving operational control
  • Awareness of existing market solutions
  • Energy monitoring implementation and exploitation
  • Mobilizing cross-cutting skills
  • Mobilizing partners’ network
  • Identifying and explaining the best solution

  • Implementing your energy monitoring

    • Setting up the project team and related reporting
    • Identifying counting plans by asset or taking actions to identify them
    • Collection and data collection solutions, validations with stakeholders
    • Continuous adjustment of the implementation plan
  • Exploiting your energy monitoring

We enhance and improve the energy and environmental performance of your assets in a realistic approach.

Implementing and monitoring energy efficiency actions

We understand, suggest and implement energy efficiency actions suited to your strategy, your challenges and the possibilities offered by your assets.

Customer benefits

  • Mobilizing a comprehensive ecosystem
  • Third party financing
  • Anticipating regulatory limitations
  • Producing renewable energy
  • Optimizing OPEX and CAPEX programs
  • Raising awareness and supporting
  • Assisted operations (EEC strategy, third party financing)

  • Commissioning, Building management service, BACS decree

    • Overlooking existing facilities and helping with implementation decisions
    • Onsite audits and recommendations
    • Assisting in the implementation
  • Photovoltaic, electrical mobility